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Our Vision: Greening the Industry

Like most of the world, the UK and Ireland are moving towards renewable, clean and efficient energy.  Increasing Irish reliance on wind power means that dependable backup solutions need to be in place for both still and stormy days. We provide a key part of the support system to deliver renewable energy goals alongside a secure and stable system. 

Green Diesel

When someone says the words ‘green energy’, it’s unlikely that diesel generators would be the first thing that comes to mind. However, as a reliable fast-start backup system for emergency use, diesel generators allow the renewable energy sector to grow, knowing that in an emergency, people will still be able to have electricity in their homes and businesses. All this makes us less dependent on coal and gas. Furthermore, diesel can be greened, with increasing efficiency, bio-fuel  and enhanced ride-through performance opening doors to make diesel generators a useful and viable source of emergency power.

Hybrid response

Great though that is, our ambitions go beyond running cleaner diesel generators. We believe that the future of energy lies in a hybrid response. Renewables are constantly improving, meaning they can provide ever-more reliable power. Green diesel is the most effective backup energy source for times of emergency and periods of low wind. And beyond this, high capacity batteries have the ability to store large quantities of energy and export it to the electricity grid at times of instability. 

If you have a diesel generator,

or the infrastructure to support one,

you can help keep our island


Use Your Generator Or Site

Maybe  you have a generator? Good. We might be able to put it to work for you.


Or maybe you don’t, but you have the infrastructure to support one and potentially connect it to the grid? We might provide one for you.


Your on-site generator will provide protection against power outages, but perhaps it can be more than a rarely-used and rather costly disaster-recovery device. Why not get a return on this investment, and simultaneously improve confidence in its reliability?

Connecting Generators To The Grid

Connecting generators to the electricity grid requires expensive technology, significant expertise, and miles of red-tape, which is why most companies who own generators don’t use them for this purpose. But as an Aggregated Generator Unit (AGU) we have thought of all of this, allowing us to do that work for you, and giving you a share in the revenue that your generator could be earning for you, all the while helping Northern Ireland get greener energy. 


Diesel generators only export power to the grid occasionally, so your generator will not be worn out – on the contrary, our short monthly runs will help keep it in good nick and pick up any potential problems much sooner. Plus, you can still use your generator whenever backup power is required at your facility.

Using Your Site

About half of Northern Ireland’s energy already comes from renewables, and it is planned to increase this to 70% by 2030. With 85% of that being wind, on-site diesel backup is increasingly important for many businesses. If you have a site that uses a high volume of electrical power and is located in the right place, there’s a possibility that it would benefit from having a generator, and connecting it to the grid could make it more financially attractive. 



If a feasibility study shows this could work, we at Empower might be happy to provide a generator for you to have at your site which we would manage, giving you a backup supply and a stake in greening the local electricity market. 

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What sort of businesses would benefit from your services?

Manufacturing and industrial businesses with significant energy needs; data centres, pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations with a need for stable power supplies; hospitality, retail and cold storage businesses with substantial cooling loads; universities & educational institutions; and finally any organisation wishing to reduce their costs by tapping into a revenue source from existing back-up generators.

Can diesel generators really be green?

Because diesel generation is fast-starting, its availability can help limit the level of alternative large-scale gas or coal generation to be kept in reserve. The net effect is intended to reduce carbon emissions, and new tech makes generators greener all the time.

Is this process going to be a big hassle?

Not for you. However, there is a considerable amount of technical data to be assimilated by Empower and provided to the Distribution System Operator for analysis. This process takes about 6-12 months for us, but almost none of your time at all. 

How often are generators run?

Diesel generation is normally lightly used, as it serves as emergency back-up for the grid. There may be regular short runs for maintenance and testing purposes. Running costs are fully reimbursed and, like any other internal combustion engine, regular running and health checks actually enhance generator reliability.

Who are you?

Back in 1993, Empower Managing Director Michael Bambrick was appointed the youngest-ever manager at newly-floated Northern Ireland Electricity plc, gaining valuable experience in the energy-utility sector. He has also spent many years as a chartered accountant, consultant and entrepreneur with a number of great companies. Fellow-directors Patrick Macdonald and Dr Angus Beck share a wealth of experience in renewable energy engineering and IT.

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