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So you donít have a generator? Diesel generators can be costly to acquire and maintain, and besides, with until now a robust electricity supply, do we really need them anymore? But then again...

This is an era where renewable energy is scheduled by 2020 to provide 40% of electricity supplies in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. The electricity system is already well under way to achieving that goal.

One of the major problems for the System Operator is that over 95% of renewable generation in Ireland comes from wind turbines. Wind levels are obviously weather-dependent and therefore variable. Integration of increasing levels of wind power is by far the highest priority and most pressing concern for the System Operator. There is undoubtedly an increasing risk of power outages.

As a result, there will be a need for quick-start back-up generation. Perhaps we can use this opportunity to benefit your business?

One option may be that Empower owns and operates a back-up generator on your premises (subject to a feasibility study). Hence we can offer you back-up generation in the event of a power cut, plus a share in capacity payments from the grid.

ie You get something for nothing! Now thatís an offer worth considering...

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