harness your generator

So you have a generator? Good. We can put it to work for you!

Your on-site generator will provide protection against power outages, but perhaps it can be more than a rarely-used and rather costly disaster-recovery device. Why not get a return on this investment, and simultaneously improve confidence in its reliability?

If your generator is approved for connection to the Empower AGU:
  • It will be connected to the grid so that the generator can be dispatched for generation by the Transmission Systems Operator (TSO)

  • It will still be fully available for emergency use to provide protection against power outages, and will also be carefully monitored to ensure that it is in good working order. The security provided by the generator will not be compromised.

  • Central aggregation and co-ordination of dispersed gensets will be required for TSO dispatch in accordance with Grid Code, to operate in the SEM. This is where the Empower AGU will help.
So as well as providing secure and reliable source of back-up power, your generator can become a worthwhile source of revenue..
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