demand side management

Empower aims to make Demand Side Management work for you...

Demand Side Management (DSM) will become increasingly significant in the Single Electricity Market (SEM), as rising levels of intermittent wind generation encourage demand to respond flexibly to current power supply levels.

Evolution of the SEM will enable local generation to mesh with flexible demand strategies. Subject to a successful evaluation, we aim to use DSM to generate a revenue stream for your organisation.

DSM assessment includes:
  • Review of load profile and potential flexible generation and demand responses
  • Network study data collection and commissioning, an intensive process that looks at the suitability of equipment and infrastructure
  • Consideration of demand shifting measures
  • Assessment of a customer's unmetered generator for dispatch on request of Transmission System Operator, if applicable to area of jurisdiction (see diagram)
  • Consideration of metered generation (via Generator Aggregator - see Harness your Generator).
Where suitable, DSM can offer attractive returns. With new regulations in the pipeline, Empower will introduce further creative DSM options for its clients.

Talk to us about the potential benefits of DSM for your operation...

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