Key facts about EMPOWER…
  1. PURPOSE - Empower is focused on:
    1. delivery of added-value client services to the electricity industry via smart systems supported by our dedicated 247 control room

    2. protecting client organisations in an era of intermittent wind generation, with greater risk to electricity system stability

    3. reducing your energy costs via a risk-free source of revenue from capacity offered to the Electricity Market.

    Empower's passion is finding creative energy solutions that produce excellent results for clients, reducing risks and generating revenue.

  2. PRODUCTS - Energy Aggregation Services will become increasingly important as future power generation will be less predictable. Empower offers innovative aggregation services within for the following client types.

    1. manufacturing and industrial businesses with significant energy needs

    2. data centres, pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations with a need for stable power supplies

    3. hospitality, retail and cold storage businesses with substantial cooling loads

    4. universities & educational institutions, security establishments and public sector operations wishing to reduce their costs by tapping into a revenue source from existing back-up generators.

    If you need a smart, secure, and simple way to ensure that your business is energy=secure 24/7 whilst making the best use of your energy infrastructure, why not talk to Empower?

  3. PEOPLE - Back in 1993 Empower Managing Director Michael Bambrick was appointed the youngest-ever manager at newly-floated Northern Ireland Electricity plc, gaining valuable experience in the energy-utility sector. He has also spent many years as a chartered accountant, consultant and entrepreneur with a number of great companies. Fellow-directors Patrick Macdonald and Dr Angus Beck share a wealth of experience in renewable energy engineering and IT.

For more information, contact us via info@empowergeneration.com

Empower is authorised by the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation to act as a Generator Aggregator within the Single Electricity Market.
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